Chapter: RWF Write & Draft in Word

Every writer’s first goal is to get the story down with a minimum of fuss and aggravation; screaming and hair pulling is not a requirement. You want manuscripts that are clutter-free and easy to read, revise, and navigate. And you want a pain-free way to create the dreaded synopsis directly from the manuscript.

Delivered on the Teachable platform in four easy-to-read lessons over four weeks, the learning includes:

·      Styles: harness the power of Word with this keystone skill.

·      Navigation Pane: make this organizational tool work for you.

·      Table of Contents: create one in four clicks and a sneaky synopsis, too.

·      Templates: the secret to formatting ebooks and print books.

Exclusive to this offer are four weekly Zoom meetings with live demonstrations and Q&A.

More details about the course are available at Write & Draft overview.

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Presenter Bio:

Joan has taught hundreds of fiction writers the ins and outs, tricks and traps of Word. After formatting more than 200 projects, Joan revamped her online course, adding new materials, expanding existing material, and relaunching it on the Teachable platform. Joan writes, and proudly self-publishes, contemporary multi-generational novels featuring the lives, loves, and scandals of small-town Clarence Bay, Canada. | |

8/3/2020 - 8/28/2020

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