RWF - Between “The End” and the Upload

Congratulations! You’ve just typed “The End.” Your story is done! You’ve heard all about the success and the struggle of self-publishing.  Have you already decided to self-pub or do you want to know more before you take the plunge?  Wherever you’re at, you have questions. Where do I go from here? How do I get my book on the shelves, electronic or bricks & mortar? Where should I load my files? What kind of files do I need? What needs to be done before I announce my release date? In this workshop, we’ll answer the endless questions between typing “The End” and pushing the Publish button on a vendor’s website.  Topics include: ·      Polish: Find the right editor for you. Learn four copyediting methods that you can do on your computer. ·      Prepare: Cover designers, formatters, narrators, there’s lots of ways to spend your money. Why, who, when, how much to pay? Where do you find them? ·      Protect: Do you need to register a copyright? What are ISBNs? Who owns what piece of your book? Is piracy preventable? ·      Price: Pick a number, any number? Ebook and print book pricing models are explained. ·      Print: Trimming, binding, bleeding… the jargon explained. ·      Publish: How many ways can you sell a book? Go wide or exclusive? To print or not to print? EXCLUSIVE EXTRA: Four weekly interactive Zoom sessions to enhance the presented materials with live examples, discuss the course assignments, and Q&A.

Presenter Bio

Joan Leacott of Woven Red Author Services, offers prompt and professional book formatting of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Woven Red is rated “Excellent (Partner Member)” by the Alliance of Independent Authors. Her comprehensive course Mastering Word for Fiction Writers is a Featured Resource at Kobo Writing Life. Joan is also the author of The Clarence Bay Chronicles, a contemporary romantic women’s fiction series set on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay, Canada.
5/3/2021 - 5/28/2021

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