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The Nice Girl's Guide to Creating Conflict

with Sally Kilpatrick

Sep. 9th - 20th, 2019

FREE for all members and those who join RWF before the workshop.

Workshop Description

Do your manuscripts get comments like “your story is too quiet” or “you have too much external conflict”? Do you find it hard to put your characters in sticky situations? Sally Kilpatrick relays her own journey to creating conflict even when, in real life, she prefers to run away. Starting with the tried and true concept of GMC, she’ll expand upon the concept and guide you through adding internal conflict and other strategies for making sure that your story has layers.

Presenter Bio

Sally has a handout to simplify the process of evaluating your characters’ GMC, and the class will also run through examples to better learn how to strengthen your story. She can’t write your story — heck, she’s supposed to be writing one of her own — but she’ll happily share all of her tools with you so we can all be bad girls together.

Straight from the Bible Belt, Sally Kilpatrick writes southern fiction full of small-town shenanigans. She is a Golden Heart finalist, a Book Buyer’s Best finalist, and a National Readers’ Choice Awards triple finalist. Her fourth novel, Bless Her Heart won the 2018 Georgia Author of the Year Award and the Maggie Award of Excellence. Her fiftieth novel, Oh My Stars, explores what happens when a community finds a baby in the manger of the local Drive Thru Nativity. Sally lives with her husband and two children in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Visit her author website at or follow her on Twitter as @SuperWriterMom

Between “The End” and the Upload: Six Steps to Self-Publishing

with Joan Leacott

Oct. 14th - 25, 2019

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RWA Members: $30
General Public: $40

Workshop Description

Congratulations! You’ve completed your story! You’ve decided to take control and self-publish. Rock on!

Where you go from here? How do you get your book on the shelves, electronic or bricks & mortar? What do you need to know before you announce your release date?

In this workshop, we’ll walk over the stepping stones between typing “The End” and clicking the upload button on a vendor’s or distributor’s website.

Topics include:

  • Polish: Types of edits, DIY tools, finding an editor.
  • Prepare: Between cover designers, formatters, narrators, there are lots of ways to spend your money before you’ve made a penny of royalties. How much is too much?
  • Protect: Copyrights, ISBNs, piracy.
  • Print: Trimming, binding, bleeding… what horrors await you behind those portals?
  • Price: Competition is fierce, pricing is tough. Crunch the numbers.
  • Publish: The many ways can you sell a book; direct, bookstores, libraries. Go wide or exclusive. To print or not to print.

Presenter Bio

Joan Leacott is the author of The Clarence Bay Chronicles, a contemporary romantic women’s fiction series set on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay, Canada. After releasing her third title, Joan put her sharply-honed Word formatting skills to use at Woven Red Author Services. Released in July 2017, her Mastering Word for Fiction Writers, a Featured Resource at Kobo Writing Life, is the definitive online course to help you use Word with power.


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